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    Sustainable procurement: Building strong relationships

    Cepsa Química's procurement model is based on the following management principles.


    Agility in the execution and simplicity in procurement processes.


    Ethical management based on social and environmental responsibility, fairness and respect to all stakeholders and total transparency.

    3. VALUE

    Maximize value capture from the markets where we have presence and transfer it to all our business lines and functions, through our suppliers.


    Sm@rt Buy covers the following end-to-end processes:

    Supplier life cycle and performance management

    Tender Management

    Contract life cycle management

    Operational Management of Commercial transactions

    Registration and qualification

    as supplier of Cepsa Química

    1. Application as a potential supplier of Cepsa Química

    If you are not yet a supplier and you want to supply products or services to Cepsa Química, you must apply to become a potential supplier of Cepsa Química. This step does not imply registration in any type of platform and can be made directly through the following link: http://chemicals.sourcing-eu.ariba.com/ad/selfRegistration

    2. Invitation to be registered as a Cepsa Química supplier

    To be registered as a supplier you must receive an invitation to register directly from Cepsa Química. To complete this phase, you must register first as a new user in SAP Ariba Business Network and then satisfactorily complete the registration form with all the information required by Cepsa Química. In the following guide you will find the indications to complete this part of the process: Guide to register as a Cepsa Química supplier

    A registered supplier or a supplier in the process of registration, will be able to participate in tender events. Once registered, you may be awarded orders or contracts for an annual amount under €50,000. For awards from €50,000, the approval process described below will be required.

    3. How to become a qualified supplier in Cepsa Química

    For Cepsa Química, quality standards with respect to social, ethical and environmental responsibility represent a critical aspect, setting the guidelines in our business strategy and, therefore, in the commercial relationship with our suppliers. To guarantee this quality, we collaborate with ACHILLES South Europe, S.L. company, using its RePro supplier rating system (based on the new MyAchilles platform), which provides us useful and secure information on those collaborators with responsible practices throughout their supply chain, ensuring that we continue investing in those who are suitable for maintaining our growth in the industry.
    Cepsa Química has established two levels of qualification, mainly delimited by the annual amount issued in orders or the total amount of the contract:

    MEMBER+ Level in Achilles: Required for cumulative annual order amounts or total contract amounts from €50,000 to €80,000.

    SILVER Level in Achilles: Required for cumulative annual order amounts or total contract amounts greater than €80,000. This level of registration in RePro will also be required for all subcontractors who provide services accessing physically to any of our work centers.

    Requests for registration in Achilles (or upgrade of the supplier's current registration level) will be made through the Sm@rt Buy platform by Cepsa Química. It will be a prerequisite for the award of an order or contract to comply with the requirements of the before mentioned registration and approval levels.

    Do you have any doubts? Check our manuals and video tutorials to solve your questions.

    Sm@rt Buy management



    We offer you the following channels through which you can access the different support services regarding the processes and platforms mentioned above.


    To guarantee free competition and transparency in all our contracting processes, in addition to the Cepsa Code of Ethics and Conduct, we have a Suppliers' Code of Ethics. It contains the principles that all suppliers must respect and accept in order to collaborate with us. Furthermore, if you are a supplier and detect any type of irregularity that goes against these principles, you can report it to us through our Ethics and Compliance Channel.

    Ethics and compliance channel