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    The following section details the text to be included in each of the Cookies Policy on our websites. The text will be the same for all sites.

    The banner that should appear as soon as a user enters the site should read as follows:

    "We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services. By continuing, you are agreeing to these terms. More information"

    consent will be deemed as granted when the user continues browsing after being informed about the use of cookies:

    1. The user has used the scroll bar, as long as the information about cookies is visible without using it;
    2. The user clicks on any link on the page.

    • Text for publication


    In order to guarantee your privacy, we inform you that Cepsa Group websites use cookies and other similar mechanisms that allow us to facilitate operation and navigation through the web page, guarantee access to certain features and help us improve the quality of the page according to your browsing habits and preferences.


    A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device (either a computer, smartphone or tablet) when you access a web page. It allows the owner of that page to store or retrieve certain information on multiple variables, such as the number of times the page has been visited by the user, identify the registered user, guarantee the user's session while browsing the page, allow operations to be carried out safely and reliably, etc.

    As indicated, cookies provide information on the browsing habits of users and can therefore affect their privacy. We thus wish to provide you with the necessary information on the type of cookies used on our website so that you have full decision-making power in relation to the use thereof and in relation to the protection of your privacy.

    In this regard, we inform you that to be able to use all the services and functionalities of the site you must enable cookies in the Internet browser.


    Below we offer information on the type of cookies used on the Cepsa Group websites and their purpose:

    • Session cookies: A type of cookies designed and used to collect and store data while the user is accessing a website.As their name suggests, these cookies are stored in the device until the end of the user's browsing session.

    • Analytical cookies: They are a type of cookies designed and used for monitoring and analyzing users’ behavior.This type of cookies offers the owner of the site the metrics of activity on the website through aggregate or statistical information.

    The Cepsa Group websites use the Google Analytics cookies for this purpose. These have different expiration dates based on the information they offer. For more information, please check the Google Analytics Privacy Policy in the link provided below.

    • Social media cookies:These cookies are designed and used to offer users the possibility of sharing or recommending contents from our website on social media sites.

    • Advertising cookies:These are cookies designed and used for the most efficient management of advertising spaces, if any, on the website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency in which the ads are displayed.

    On Cepsa Group websites, Weborama Ibérica S.L. cookies (hereinafter, Weborama) are used for this purpose, managing and improving advertising space. We inform you that the IP address has been anonymized so that the information obtained through the cookie service is exclusively statistical and totally anonymous, used for the purpose of helping optimize and improve your browsing experience. You can check Weborama’s Privacy Policy in the link provided below.

    • Behavioral advertising cookies: These are cookies designed and used for the most efficient management of advertising spaces, if any, on the website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided. These cookies store information on users’ behavior obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows developing a specific profile to display advertising based thereon.

    On the Cepsa Group websites, Weborama cookies are used for this purpose, tailoring marketing campaigns to your preferences. For more information, you can consult its Privacy Policy in the link provided below. Likewise, Salesforce.com, Inc. cookies are used for the same purposes. Their privacy policy is available in the link provided below.


    The information collected through the cookies of a web page can be used both by the owner of the website and by a third party that provides a service to the owner. The information from cookies used on the Cepsa Group websites is processed by both Cepsa Group companies (and the Cepsa Foundation) and by third parties for the purposes indicated.


    Taking into account the information provided through this Cookies Policy, below we offer you information on how you can manage the cookies used in Cepsa Group websites through the different options offered by the more common browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

    If you disable the installation of all cookies on the website, some site features and content may be affected.


    All browsers offer the user the possibility of searching and viewing the cookies installed by a specific website, obtaining information regarding the duration of cookies and the possibility of deleting them, as indicated in the following section. Below is a series of links on this issue for the most popular browsers:


    To restrict or block cookies, you must modify the browser settings on your device—whether a computer, smartphone or tablet. In general, browsers offer the following configuration options in relation to installing cookies:

    • The browser rejects all cookies and, therefore, no cookies from any web page are installed on your device.
    • The browser warns you before the cookie installation occurs so you can decide whether or not to accept the cookie.
    • The browser only rejects third-party cookies from the websites you visit, but not those used by the website you browse.
    • The option of browsing in private mode, whereby cookies are installed in the device but are automatically deleted when you finish browsing the website:


    Cepsa may modify the Cookies Policy in whole or in part, publishing any change in the same manner in which this policy appears or through any type of communication addressed to users, according to legislative or regulatory requirements or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. We therefore recommend that you visit this policy periodically.