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    NextPhenol C is a hydroxybenzene that incorporates certified secondary raw materials from industrial waste, generally plastics, and maintains the same specifications as its fossil counterpart.

    In addition, our production plants have the ISCC PLUS certification system, which identifies and guarantees sustainable production from the product source to delivery, using the material-balance methodology.

    It is offered in two versions, depending on its water content: phenol (100% phenol), and phenol 90 (phenol diluted with 10% water). 

    NextPhenol C has as its main use the production of BPA, an intermediate product in the manufacture of Polycarbonate and Epoxy Resins. It is also used in the production of Caprolactam in the Nylon 6 path and in the production of phenolic resins. Other areas of application range from insulation and coatings to medicines, disinfectants and even food additives.

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